City Council has underfunded infrastructure repairs by tens of millions of dollars annually for more than a decade. This systematic failure to provide proper funding is evident across our city.

Roads and bridges are crumbling, community and recreation centres lack proper repairs and new infrastructure such as, sidewalks, parks, pathways and other amenities take years to be built.

Ottawa City Council will only spend $76 million repairing roads in 2022, which is just 1.5% of its entire budget. ​This is far less than what is required to maintain our roads network.

  • This year, Council will spend more than three times as much paying off its creditors as it will resurfacing our roads.

  • The City's own management report gives Ottawa's roads a score of 59 out of a possible 100 when it comes to service reliability.

Now is the time for Council to take serious action, by providing the proper funding to fix our public assets.

If billions can be spent on LRT, why is the infrastructure in our communities being ignored?

 I'm ready to get to work.

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