City services have a direct impact on residents. This is why Ward 21 needs a strong local representative who is able to voice our concerns and fight for our community at City Hall. 

As your representative at City Hall, I am committed to making sure our Ward receives the necessary funding to:

  • Support road maintenance;

  • Improve busy intersections; and

  • Ensure our pedestrians are safe.

I am also committed to ensuring that:

  • Our agricultural lands are respected;

  • Development is sustainable; and

  • New infrastructure is supported.

I am committed to a Weekly Open Door for residents to drop in and discuss their issues and concerns, as well as:

  • Provide regular ward updates;

  • Host annual community meetings to update residents on city projects and services;

  • More involvement to support community associations; and

  • Increased visibility at community events.


I strongly believe that residents of Ward 21 deserve to be informed about what is happening in their communities and how their money is being spent! As an active member of this wonderful rural community, I am proud to put my name forward to be your next representative for Ward 21.

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