Dump 'the Dump'

In 2010 the average homeowner paid $89 dollars on their tax bill for weekly garbage collection. We now pay $110 dollars for half of the service.  At the same time, the City continues to bury hundreds of thousands of tons of garbage each year from across Ottawa in Ward 21. 

Once all of Ottawa's garbage is collected, where does it go? Most of it is dumped in Ward 21 at the Trail Road Waste Facility off of Moodie Drive. In 2016, staff estimated that over 450,000 tons of garbage was dumped at Trail Road. That’s 450,000 tons of garbage every year! In the past eight years, Council hasn’t taken any concrete action to look at a more environmentally sustainable solution. What will happen when the Trail Road Dump reaches capacity?
The real cost is the lost land, pollution and the threat of ground water and soil contamination. Waste to Energy technology may not be as sexy as an LRT train, but every resident needs to have dependable waste collection and disposal. New techniques and technology allow municipalities to build and operate modern state of the art facilities that are able to sort and recycle materials, eliminate waste, and generate electricity all at the same time.

Residents in Ward 21 and across Ottawa should demand that the next term of Council be focused on identifying the correct waste disposal solution for our City and finally change the way Ottawa deals with its garbage. If that doesn’t happen, our ward will spend the next several decades being Ottawa’s dumpster.

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