about david

I grew up in the village of Richmond, still residing there today.  


I have been an active member in the community participating in the Richmond Community 4-H Club and St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Richmond. For almost two decades I have been an active member and volunteer of the Richmond Agricultural Society, which is most notably known for hosting the Richmond Fair, the single largest annual event held in Ward 21.

After completing my professional education in dairy farming from Kemptville College and working for more than a decade on local dairy farms, my keen interest in politics took me away from the farm but launched me into my political service in Ottawa.  


For the past decade, I have worked for elected officials at all three levels of government with the last six years working at City Hall addressing the concerns and issues of residents and taxpayers.


My long-term volunteer commitments in the community and my passion for serving the public have shaped who I am today.

With a decade of public service experience, the past six years at City Hall, I'm no stranger to the challenges we face as a rural ward. I'm ready to address the concerns and issues of our communities.


                       I am proud to put my name forward to be your next representative for Ward 21.

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