Ottawa is approaching a critical juncture. For 12 years, we have seen the slow decline of services, the rapid growth of our villages without the necessary roads, intersections, sidewalks, parks and community centres built to support and sustain this development.


We have seen the explosive spending that has added more than $3.1 billion dollars of debt onto the backs of taxpayers, with no plans to stop borrowing.

We have seen unchecked spending which is costing taxpayers billions of dollars in interest payments, burdening taxpayers for the next thirty years, and preventing crucial tax dollars needed to support our growing city.


We have the opportunity to hit the 'reset button' and re-focus Council's attention on our local priorities.


We must develop a waste management strategy that dumps 'the dump' by investing in technology that will not only transform how we manage Ottawa’s waste but turn it from a liability into an asset.


We need a council that respects existing communities. We must reinvest into our existing communities by building and maintaining the infrastructure that residents rely upon.

While approving development, we require a council that also demands that the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the development and growth at the same pace ... not later.


I’m ready to get to work today, to use the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from my years of community and public service to put the priorities of Ward 21 first.


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